I don't know what's tighter, our jeans or our friendship!

We often talk about how much we want the 80/90's fashion trends to return. Wearing ripped jeans and band tee's have definitely made a comeback, but we've yet to see denim on denim become a huge trend again. Is it time we bring it back? Here are some do's and don'ts on how to work that jean.



Wear the same weight or wash denim

You always want to ensure that your double denim ensemble is of different  washes. Especially when you aren't wearing any other peices to break up the look. Wearing the same colour denim can often come off too harsh on the eye and is too matchy-matchy. Not cool! 



Layering your outfit is nothing new. But it definitely gives the trend a softer appearance. Use tee's, jumpers or even scarves and accessories to tone down your look. Using different coloured denim can often help if you aren't into the blue jean.



wear distressed jeans

Whether it be a jean jacket, pants or shirt, it's always nice to have one element of your double denim outfit be distressed. It really adds a new and edgy component to your overall look. Distressed denim is always a great choice of street style wear. 


over do it 

If you're wearing a denim outfit, try to limit yourself with the accessories. Things like shoes, handbags, scarves and hats. We mean, they're individually great pieces but when you're wearing denim head to to it might just look a bit overboard. As Simon Cowell would say "It's a no from me". But hey, that's just what we think! Let us know what some of your do's and don'ts are for the denim-on-denim trend down bellow.