If you keep up with us on Instagram you may have noticed that the director of StudioZENY took a trip to the house of Dior exhibition held at the National Gallery Of Victoria. If she could only use one word to describe the exhibition, it would be 'impeccable'. Here's what she has to say about the experience.


There's something about seeing a designers pieces in real life. The Dior exhibition was without a doubt one of the most alluring experiences in my life. I have never been so wowed like that! I always knew that designers like Christian Dior were extremely talented and worked hard but seeing his work right in front of my eyes proved to me that he was much more than that. It is believed that Christian Dior was only 42 years old when he released his very first collection at 10.30am on the 12th of February 1947. It was held at the Dior Headquarters, 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris, France. He caught the attention of then Editor-In-Chief of Harper's Bazaar, Carmel Snow who firmly believed in the couturier's talent. Carmel Snow first recognised Christian's work when she noted it at the Café Anglais where he designed a piece for Robert Piguet. When Dior's first show was over, Carmel Snow shouted to Christian, "It's quite a revolution, dear Christian. Your dresses have such a unique look." She wasn't wrong.

When you attend the House Of Dior at NGV, you'll quickly realise how much creativity Christian and all the of the Creative Directors have. Dior has been through eight creative directions including Christian himself. You may recognise a few of these names, as they have very successful businesses in the fashion industry as well. 

Christian Dior – 1946–1957.
Yves Saint Laurent – 1957–1960.
Marc Bohan – 1960–1989.
Gianfranco Ferré – 1989–1997.
John Galliano – 1997–2011.
Bill Gaytten – 2011–2012.
Raf Simons – 2012–2015.
Maria Grazia Chiuri – 2016–present.

At the exhibition, you will find Dior's most talked about looks on the carpet, his original sketches, original fragrance bottles and much more. There are TV screens in most areas with new and old videos playing for the audience to catch a glimpse of what it's like behind the scenes at Dior. A popular gown on display was model Miranda Kerr's wedding dress. There were plenty of people standing around taking in the fine details of the piece.


One of the most spectacular facts about Dior is that they often make their own materials to create new pieces.

IMG_6360 3.JPG

Magnificence comes in many forms, and in this dress the understated qualities of the silhouette are transformed by the addition of extravagant, three-dimensional tassels. These have been made from pressed droplets of paint and attatched in strands to the surface of the fabric.

I highly recommend you visit the House Of Dior at the National Gallery of Victoria. What I have shared with you in this post does not come close to what you will experience at the exhibition. Be quick though, they will be packing their things and moving on by the 7th of November 2017. Every single item makes you truly appreciate the value of Christian Dior's work.