MECCA MAX | In depth product review.

We've all heard about it! MECCA MAX by Mecca Brands, is the new make-up line to hit the shelves. One of our team members (who happens to be a beauty junkie) puts the new line to the test! Is it worth the hype?
Read on to find out...

Hey guys & gals! I have had my eyes on the MECCA MAX products since MECCA Brands announced they were releasing them. I was lucky enough to be able to sneak a peak at the products before the release date through a friend's PR package...and it was truly MAGICAL to say the least. Having a brief interaction with the products wasn't enough to satisfy my makeup obsession so I went out and purchased a few of the goods from MECCA MAXIMA to try them out myself! 

First of all, the line is quite affordable. It sits between high-end and drug store prices which I think is a perfect price point for these products. MECCA MAX starts at $5.00 and nothing exceeds the $45.00 mark. I only purchased five items and received a deluxe sample for spending over $50.00 on the MECCA MAX products. Overall, I put six items to the test and here are my opinions on each one of them:


game face bb cream spf 30

LIGHT | $26.00

"All the best optical illusions in a tinted beauty balm with a glowing, second-skin finish. Smooth on for natural-looking coverage, lustworthy luminosity and SPF protection." - MECCA MAX

I've gotta give it to them. This is one of the best BB creams I have ever used! It is light-weight and it offers light coverage which is what I look for in my BB creams. The first time I wore this product was at my cousins footy finals. I wore it all day long and spent most of my time out in the sun. You see, I have very fair and sensitive skin, so I usually suffer from sunburn when I'm out in the sun all day. I was truly surprised when I arrived home that evening without any sun damage, until I remembered that the BB cream has SPF 30 in the formula as well! It did an amazing job at protecting my skin from the harsh sun and what's better than a product that looks good and also provides protection to your skin? As I mentioned earlier, I wore the product all day long (approximately ten hours). I did set it lightly with powder though, is that cheating? You could say I have found a new fave! Oh, and it also smells nice :D




life proof cream concealer 

IVORY 2.5 | $22.00

"Like an eraser for the face, this ultra-creamy concealer banishes spots, bumps, redness and darkness whilst remaining virtually undetectable for a naturally-flawless finish."- MECCA MAX

Just like the BB cream, I wore this product at the footy as well. The concealer's formula is very light and quite thin. At first glance, I thought, "ehhhh, is this actually going to cover-up anything?" I have pretty clear skin (for the most part) so I don't know why I was worrying so much about the coverage. I purchased the product anyway and I'm really glad I did. Unfortunately, this colour was too dark for me (it's the second lightest shade) but it was nothing that the Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting drops couldn't fix! I will definitely purchase the lighter shade soon, but in the meantime, it's a lovely concealer that offers medium to full coverage and blends like a dream. I used this product to cover up my dark circles and set it with loose powder. It lasted me all day and didn't crease my under-eyes at all! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who's on the hunt for a new concealer. 




"Break out a compact of six insta-glam eyeshadows and go, go, go. You just got unstoppable. Each carefully curated palette is loaded with 6 lustworthy shades, including a glitter pigment for high-impact eyes." - MECCA MAX

If I'm being 110% honest with all of you, this palette was kind of disappointing. It consisted of: 3 satin shades, 1 matte shade, 1 shimmer and 1 glitter shade as well. (Note: I know most of the shades look matte in the picture but they're not). The colours are lovely, and I was instantly drawn to the palette because of its warm tones. But, I felt let down when I swatched them. They were so light and barely pigmented at all. These are the kinds of eye-shadows that work better with brushes (which I don't mind) but to tell you the truth, most of them them were just not pigmented enough to suit my standards. The only shadows I did like from this palette was the matte shade (chocolate brown) and the shimmer shade (bronzy/champaign). The matte-brown blended nicely but I wouldn't say it was memorable. Two of the satin shades were okay and the other shades would not pick up at all!? The glitter is quite nice, although it's probably best you use a glitter glue with it... I really want to love this palette, but I just don't think I can! What do you guys think? Have you used any of their eyes-shadows? Should I give them another chance? 
EDIT: I went back to MECCA MAXIMA and swatched the other palettes. I am more than convinced that I just got a bad one. Honestly, the other palettes were highly pigmented and buttery. I might get my hands on a new palette and compare them. 

pout pop lipstick


"Pop it like it’s hot. Colour obsessives, these pop-up pigment bullets of hyper glam, creamy lipstick are your new addiction." - MECCA MAX

I love the packaging! It's really innovative and fun. It's a pop-up & twist kind of situation, which is great for the handbag, because at least this way the lid wont come off. There are 29 shades to choose from, which made it SO HARD for me to choose only one. I wanted them all, but I decided to just settle for one. I usually like to try out the product before I go out and by them all, just so I familiarise myself with the formula and to see whether or not I like it first. Anyway, I absolutely LOVED this lipstick! It was a "my lips but better" kind of shade and it was a sheer formula which made it really flattering with a natural makeup look. The lipstick lasted two hours on my lips, but it did lose its shine after a little while (which I think is only normal) before I needed to re-apply it. I think that's a decent time frame. I never believed lipsticks would be "long lasting" (or at least, I haven't tried one that is long lasting?) Either way, I really enjoyed the shade selection & formula, I would 10/10 recommend these lipsticks!        



RUDE NUDE | $18.00

"Fire up, slick it on and work, work, werk – these lusciously vibrant, super-comfortable lip glosses mean business."- MECCA MAX

This has hands down become my favourite lipgloss ever! I cannot get over the amazing colour, the formula and the fact that it doesn't have a smell. (I kinda get annoyed at things that are heavily scented). It's not sticky at all which is something I am overly happy about and they're not lying when they say that they're 'super-comfortable'. I applied this lipgloss and after a few minutes I forgot it was even there. It's also quite hydrating which is a great bonus. There's not much more to add about this product. I just absolutely loved it!




skin halo diamond dust

ROSE GOLD| $22.00

"Infused with soft metallic powder and crushed light, this is your next-level illuminator for heavenly highlights and skin that glows like it’s got its own halo. A shimmery (not glittery) halo." - MECCA MAX

Believe it or not, the picture attached is the sample I received after spending over $50 on MECCA MAX products. Pretty generous huh? They're saying that this product is a highlighter, which I totally agree with if you've got a deeper skin tone. Although for me, it would've looked very odd as a highlighter. I used this product as a blush, and I don't use blush very often. It was actually really pretty, it was the right amount of pigment and shimmer and it complimented the eye look (using the Wink Weapon Mini Palette) really nicely. It also lasted all night long which I was super impressed with. 

final thoughts?

I'm actually super impressed with the performance of most of these products. I will undoubtedly be back to purchase more items in the near future. I'd like to wish MECCA Brands a massive congratulations on the launch of MECCA MAX! It must have been a stressful three years of developing this brand. If you're interested in seeing any looks using MECCA MAX or you've used any of the products from this collection be sure to comment down below, we love hearing your thoughts!
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