My day-to-day schedule is quite chaotic. Some of us are so busy juggling full-time study and a part-time job that we’re often left with no time for ourselves. Personally, my bed is my paradise after a long and exhausting day. You will find me in the morning trying to grasp onto every moment I can spare in my warm and cosy bed. If you’re like me, then you can agree when I say that we would rather use the extra thirty minutes before we’re out the door on sleep rather than to get up early and make ourselves look that little more presentable. After two years of trying to beat the clock I have finally refined my everyday make-up routine to where you wouldn’t even think I do it in less than ten minutes! My process is simple: Less is More. Narrow it down to a few essential products and try to minimise the amount of brushes used. In between studying, work and spontaneous meet-ups with our friends we need to top-up, so all the products I use everyday are essentials you can keep in your make-up bag; perfect for when you’re on the go.

MUST HAVE: a beauty blender

Revlon Photoready Concealer Shade Medium

Although I try to sleep early every night, no amount of beauty sleep can hide my dark circles…. So, when I finally do get up, look at myself in the mirror and realise that Tutankhamen’s corpse may look more alive than I do; it’s officially time to be productive and cover those under-eyes.
 My Revlon Photoready concealer is my holy grail. It is affordable, effective and it’s a stick! I LOVE that it’s a concealer in lipstick form. It fits the contour of my eye perfectly and does not require the use of any brushes. It glides on super smoothly and is creamy in texture. For my yellow-undertone skin I use the shade medium and love that that it looks so natural! I don’t wear foundation everyday so wherever else I see redness and blemishes I swab a bit of product and just like magic all my flaws disappear (…well not all of them). But trust me, it really does the job and you’ll be left wondering how you ever lived your life before it. I recommend this product for those with combination or oily skin. Although it is not essential, occasionally I set my concealer with another necessity of mine: my Ben Nye Luxury Powder in ‘Banana’. This powder sets everything into stone – it ensures that the concealer lasts all day and makes my make-up look more natural overall.


Name one thing more important than lashes. Five, four, three, two, one… Nothing. Nothing is more important than lashes. So then you can understand the heartbreak and pure letdown I felt when my own eyelash curler stabbed me right in the back and cut my lashes instead of curling them. This happened to me earlier this year and I was truly devastated when I saw that my lashes were half the size they usually are. After some thorough research, I found that Castor oil was probably my best bet to recover my lost lashes. So, I grabbed my keys, turned on that engine and let Jesus take the wheel as I made my way to the nearest chemist in this time of crisis.

A few months have passed and my eyelashes are fully restored, looking longer and fuller than they were before. Now, Castor Oil has become a staple of mine and I recommend every household have this in their bathroom cupboard. I could dive right in and talk about all its hair, skin and health benefits but honestly, Castor oil needs a whole post to itself! (If you’d be interested be sure to leave a comment down below). For now, I will only mention that this natural oil promotes hair growth. Every night for a few weeks I would use a disposable eyelash wand and apply Castor oil onto my lashes the same way I would apply mascara. It’s perfect to apply before bed, as Castor oil will also help you get a peaceful night’s sleep! Is there anything this oil can’t do? Just for the fun of it, I would also brush some excess through my eyebrows to keep them full.

I also recommend Castor oil for those who have lost lashes after having eyelash extensions. Buy yourself a bottle, I guarantee you this will work and you’ll be back to giving your man butterfly kisses before bed in no time.

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express

Now that we're sorted on how to restore damaged eyelashes, we will get back to those busy-bees out there that have so much to do, but so little time. Long story short, I think mascara is vital. Sure we know oxygen is vital for survival too, but I think it falls second to Mascara. If I had to choose one makeup product that I cannot live without, I would without a doubt choose MASCARA. Mascara is a game-changer. Mascara! Mascara! Mascara! It can do it all. Applying it on its own can make the biggest difference to your face and can give you that extra bit of oomph that you are after. Personally, I apply it for the added volume to my lashes so I find myself steering to those mascaras that do just that… make my lashes look fuller. However, I believe that there are many great types of mascara out there that I’m always open to experimenting with new brands. Currently, I have been using Maybelline’s ‘The Colossal Volume Express’. I leave one at home and the other in my car (for emergencies or to top-up because you can never be wearing too much). So, if you’re a busy-bee like me, I suggest ensuring mascara is part of your everyday routine and that you always have one handy. You’ll thank me later.

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio

Even when you only have ten minutes before you’re out the door, there is time to contour. There is ALWAYS time to contour. I am totally obsessed with my Smashbox Contour Stick Trio. Surprise, surprise, the process requires no brushes at all – I only use a beauty blender. I’m guilty though; I usually neglect the lighter shade as I use another product for highlighter (listed below). I alternate between the two darker shades depending on whichever I have access to. I keep one at my make-up station and the other in my make-up bag with a beauty blender for when I’m away from home. I find that they both do the same job! My contour process consists of the same six lines everyday: two lines in the hollows of my cheeks, on the jawline and on my nose. The creamy texture of the contour sticks makes it easy to buff out with a beauty blender. A few seconds later and those harsh lines are blended well into the perfect naturally defined look.

Revlon PhotoReady INSTA-FIX Highlighter Stick

Are you ready for another bombshell? My everyday highlighter is in stick form and requires no brushes as well! Could this be real? I use the shade 210 Gold Light and it works wanders. Just a few swipes of product onto my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and my brow bones and I’m out the door. There’s not much to blend when it comes to highlighter so you can either use a beauty blender or your fingertips. I usually go with the latter. So easy when you’re on the run that it only takes a few seconds! It’s not too shimmery and has just the right amount of sparkle to ensure that you’re glowing for the rest of the day without looking like you even tried!

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip and Pencil

I don’t feel like my make-up is complete without my Colourpop duo. My go-to combo that I use everyday is the Ultra Satin Lip ‘Aquarius’ with my Lip Pencil in shade ‘Skimpy’. The pigmentation of Colourpop’s lippies is out of this world! They are long lasting and literally won’t budge through rain, hail or shine! It is perfect when you’re on the go and don’t have time to top-up. It’s important to experiment with different colours and find the shade that suits you most. For me, I have found that ‘Aquarius’ is the perfect pinky-nude pigment and goes well with my olive skin. It is velvety in texture and doesn’t dry completely matte which I prefer. The Skimpy lip pencil is also my holy grail. When I am going for a more natural look and don’t feel like wearing lipstick, I apply the pencil only to add definition to my lips (I always do this, I cant leave the house without lip liner). The liner is a nude shade that goes well with most colours that I own. On days I feel like switching it up, I pair it with the Ultra Matte Lip ‘Midi’. I try to steer towards soft and subtle colours and this ultra-matte lip has a pale dusty-pink pigment that I absolutely adore! These shades are definitely an everyday staple for me and I would definitely recommend popping them into your cart the next time you’re on the Colourpop website.

Chanel Perfection Lumière Foundation 50 Beige

Okay, so during the week it’s rise and grind time. We all understand that. During the week we’re juggling a hundred things at once. From tackling stressful assessments and trying to meet deadlines to spending hours at our job and trying to keep up with its demands, who else finds it difficult to maintain their sanity? I know I do. Everyone deserves to have “me-time” every once in a while. I try to dedicate at least one day a week to catch-up with friends and have a night out. On this night, I take my time with my make-up, I wear my fancy clothes and I put on my dancing shoes. When it’s time to play, I bring out the big guns. And what else better to have as my partner in crime than my Chanel Perfection Lumière? Short and sweet, it is literally what the name states…perfection.

It is perfect for combination skin and it leaves me with a really healthy dewy look that glows without me looking too oily. It’s lightweight with medium-full coverage that lasts me all night. Sometimes, if you squint both eyes until they’re fully shut and turn your head away, you can’t even see the sleep-deprived stress-head underneath at all! (lol) No, seriously, it’s super creamy and makes your skin look flawless. With this product, a little goes a long way and it is definitely worth the investment. If you’re unsure about switching foundations then stop by the Chanel counter and get a sample. I’m confident you’ll be back for the whole bottle!

With love,