Guys, girls and all of you who have a full time job and just do not give a f*** anymore. You’ve gotten comfortable in your work environment, you’re friends with every one and you basically walk around the office with your bitch face on. I can tell you this because it's me! Forget about a full face of makeup for your co-workers! Just a slap of concealer, some blush and you’re good to go! *just kidding*

Now, for those of you who have acne prone skin and a lot of scarring (me) it's an absolute must for my mornings to include makeup. The first thing I do is prime. PRIME PEOPLE PRIME! Especially if your skin is anything like the bombshell that is me. Oily T-zone and dry every where else. Not good. The more you get to know me the more you’ll realise that I’m a Priceline kinda gal, drug store products are life. I start off with my ‘Australis Primer - the original’ you know the little white squeezy thing that smoothes and refines your skin? Well, this one is silicone free, contains aloe vera, honey and cucumber extracts to help moisturise. Ladies and Gents, I’m telling you this thing is life! It’s like a thin layer on your face, you can literally feel it working its magic. 

NEXT is my trusty base concealer (I don’t use foundation everyday). This concealer was actually given to me by my sister one day because she bought too much of it...you can never buy too much girl.  This bad boy is the ‘SuperStay - Better Skin’ by Maybelline. I use the shade 02 Light/Clair. Don’t be too generous with this product as it is quite good with coverage. You don’t want to look too cakey especially if you’re doing what I do and don’t wear foundation. I’m also sad to admit that I haven’t yet mastered the ‘no makeup’ look. This shade is more on the warmer side, I do this because of my acne scars! They’re deep and dark which no one really wants to show off to the world unless you’re super confident. In that case, you do you boo and don’t let anyone put you down! Me on the other hand, I’m a little self conscious. Just a little…or a lot. Moving on....

So, the last concealer that I use (in my opinion) is the holy grail of concealers. Yes people, I’m talking about the ‘New Instant Age Rewind’ by Maybelline. My favourite Priceline brand if you can’t tell already.  Goji Berry and Haloxyl, hello people get on it please. To add to my bad skin I’ve also inherited really dark circles under my eyes, thanks mum. This concealer covers up any colour in that area and works like a charm. I use the shade Light Pale which contrasts with the warmer shade used prior. 

To add a bit of colour to my face I use the ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit’ and it's great. Believe it or not, I did buy this from Priceline. I use the brown shade on the bottom left to contour, and the pink shade on the top left to accentuate my high cheek bones, (LOL the one feature on my face that isn’t a scar). I’ve been using Anastasia’s contour kit for a little while now and it just completes the look perfectly.

Finally, to put the cherry on top, are mascara and brows baby, the brows come last. I like to take my time with those sexy things. I’ve been using the same mascara for about two years now, its Cover Girl’s ‘Clump Crusher’ mascara. I’ve chosen to stick with this because 1. My lashes are naturally long and the bristles make my lashes fan out resulting in a thick look and 2. I’m obsessed with how black it makes my lashes.

On to the brows, yesssss, drum roll please! I use powder! And I don’t use any fancy brow powder that makes me look like Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries. I use a basic dark brown eyeshadow that is never actually used on my eyelids, I slide it on with an angled brush, clean it up with some concealer and voila! The perfect brows.

I got rid of my acne by changing my diet and doubling my water intake. Trust me. Nothing else will work if you don’t eat healthy and drink plenty of water