Fashionably late though! I'm one of those girls who will not leave the house if my makeup isn't looking spectacular. Whether it's a winged liner, smokey eye or a super natural look, it needs to be perfect before I leave home. It's more for myself. I just like having the satisfaction of knowing that my makeup is on point. Being this way doesn't mix well with my lifestyle though. I've always got somewhere to be so I'm usually a few minutes late because I was so busy perfecting my makeup at home. You're guilty of it too! 



So lately I've been going through this 'no makeup, makeup' phase. I'm not completely self conscious leaving the house without any makeup, although I do have some hyper-pigmentation in certain areas of my face that I would much rather cover up. I was on the hunt for a lightweight powder that had enough power to cover up my redness and blemishes. I stumbled across MAC Studio Fix powder and since then, I have actually had the nicest looking skin. I use it on it's own with either a primer and/or moisturiser to prep the skin and so the powder doesn't cling to my dry patches. It's got so much coverage for such a finely pressed powder. I highly recommend this product and the shade range makes it so easy to choose something that suites your complexion perfectly. I'm in the shade NC20, which is a little cooler toned. 


It's magic. It just is! I'm not sure how I could love a product so much. This concealer is like the airbrush tool in photoshop. It's so thin, yet it covers so much. It blends like a dream no matter tool what I'm using and when I place a light shade under my eyes, it does an amazing job at brightening and making me look fresh and awake. It works so well with it's sister product NARS Sheer Glow foundation, they're honestly a match made in heaven!


I tend to steer clear from products that have oils in them, purely because my t-zone can get super oily. Funnily enough, the outer section of my face is as dry as the Sahara desert. I love this product because it's water based. It gives my skin the hydration it needs without making me look extra oily in the t-zone. I use this product religiously! After showers, before bed and before applying makeup. I especially love this product because it's available at my local supermarket and is quite affordable. 


This palette has been all the rage for a while now and I can definitely understand why. It has absolutely every single colour you would ever need to achieve absolutely any look under the sun. Not forgetting to mention that the shadows themselves are super buttery and pigmented. They all blend into one and other so well and there are never any patchy areas. I have over twenty eye palettes (I know I'm a hoarder) and I always tend to reach for this one. I cannot recommend this product enough. Oh! It also smells like chocolate :D  

                                        STILA ONE STEP CORRECT

If you've never used this product you are genuinely missing out on life. This is truly a miracle primer. I love this product so much because of it's colour correcting factor. It's infused with green, lavender and peach tones to help neutralise and correct any discolouration you may have on your face. It's also so hydrating without being oily and it's the perfect base for absolutely any makeup look. I love using this product with my MAC Studio Fix powder. 



 Despite smelling absolutely horendous, this was one of those products that I would constantly give benefit of the doubt to. I tried so hard to like the product because it always looked so pretty and was the perfect shade for my skin tone. It was a stunning highlighter that was not glittery at all but still gave you a beautiful glow.... For about 30 minutes. Yeah, thats right. This product did not last more than half an hour and even then, you would want to re-do all your face makeup because when you applied this highlighter it would move your foundation. I've always heard beauty vloggers say "I don't like this product because it slides my makeup around" and I never truly understood what they meant until I used the Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand. Such a massive shame it didn't work for me.  


I am genuinely so upset that the performance of this product is just way below average. I had such high hopes for this product because I absolutely swear by it's mother product, Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation. The foundation is A M A Z I N G! So I assumed the concealer would be as well. First of all, it doesn't blend very well at all, it's just so patchy. I found that it done a decent job at brightening but I wouldn't use it anyway because it is so patchy. Unfortunately this product has a very light coverage which isn't great at doing what it was made to do, conceal. 


It didn't even give itself the chance to be good. It doesn't even wind up, and when it does, it breaks instantly. I thought it was just mine and I got a bad batch but after speaking to a few friends who've experienced the same problem, I realised it wasn't just my pencil. Colourpop is an incredible brand and I've never been disappointed with any of their products so this one is also quite upsetting.