Lets face it, makeup shopping is probably the most therapeutic kind of retail therapy there is. But we all know that the struggle is real when it comes to the cost of some products. Here are a few savvy ways you can save some cash the next time you decide to splurge on some new goodies.  


This one isn't an instant saver, but it will definitely give back in the end. Signing up to places like Priceline Pharmacy and Mecca Maxima/Cosmetics are awesome because they really know how to take care of their customers. We know the email factor can be annoying at times, but it's super easy to look beyond that if it's going to save you some money. Besides, sometimes the emails can contain great information on upcoming sales or even freebies! If you're interested in signing up to the Priceline Sister Club or being a member of the Mecca Beauty loop, then watch or click on the video and image below to find out whats involved and how to sign up!


Undoubtedly the best sales ever! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, because these sites offer the biggest discounts on luxury brands that you will not find anywhere else. The great thing about these sites is that they don't just offer discounts on beauty supplies but also other great things. Hautelook is an awesome way to save big bucks on high end brands such as Lorac and Becca as they usually have up to 60% off most items. Visit Hautelook and what great deals they have on offer by clicking this. As for Catch Of The Day, they provide brands including NARS and Benefit at a fraction of the price! Sound tempting? Click this link to visit COTD.


Most of our favourite beauty bloggers have affiliate codes they offer to their audience, so why not take advantage of it? Honestly, you will be shocked at how much money you can actually save using discount codes! So, next time if you're watching a tutorial using a product you're interested in and they've got a code on offer, be sure to use it. Also make sure to click down bars to see if there are any other awesome discount codes you can use!


Our personal fave! If you're a little iffy on purchasing an item that has a hefty price tag, asking for a free sample is your best bet. You are able to test out the product a few times in order to form your own opinion before you decide that you want to make the purchase.