Here at Studio ZENY we are blessed to receive incredible gifts from amazing companies! Before you read my review, I'd like to thank MECCA for sending us a box of goodies that we can share with you guys! Although we did receive these wonderful products, please keep in mind that this is not sponsored and this we are not affiliated with MECCA or Winky Lux. All opinions are my very own. Studio ZENY is completely transparent with their readers and we will never change that!
These specific liquid lipsticks are available at MECCA MAXIMA stores. 


Trust me when I tell you that I have tried a range of different liquid lipsticks. Brands like Colourpop, Kylie Cosmetics, Urban Decay, ABH, Stila... the list goes on! Not all of them perform to my standards, although Winky Lux really caught my eye. First of all, the packaging is amazing. It comes in a floral box, the product itself has a pink lid and gold ice creams pressed on the actual bottle. Super cute! They don't offer a massive shade range but they do have all staple colours which is great! The formula doesn't really have a scent (which I'd much rather no scent than a bad one) and it's nice and light weight. It's not thick and glugly, it's really smooth and easy to apply. The flat doe foot wand is really long and thin which makes the application process that tad bit easier. The only shade thats a little streaky is 'Whoopie pie' but I can understand why. Whoopie pie is a very dark purple shade, and purple formula's are very hard to perfect. I don't mind having to layer my lipstick up anyway so it's not a problem for me. The lipstick is actually very long lasting! I wore the shade on It's own at a StudioZENY team member's engagement party. I ate some delicious food and had a glass of wine and it still didn't budge. I was beyond impressed to say the least! 
I'd love to see the brand create matching lipliners, so we can further define the lips and have the formula last a tad longer. No biggie though, I'll definitely be wearing and re-purchasing these lipsticks!