We're bringing back some of the much loved content from the old Zeny (if you have no idea what we're talking about, visit the About us section of our blog or simply click me). what exactly is style stalker, you ask? wELL, WE ARE MASSIVE LOVERS OF FASHION (IF YOU HAVEN'T YET NOTICED) AND We love checking out other peoples style and sense. What we love most about fashion is that it is constantly evolving and there are absolutely no rules, it's all you! STYLE STALKER IS ESSENTIALLY THE TEAM AT STUDIOZENY STALKING OTHER PEOPLE'S STYLE AND SHARING OUR THOUGHTS ON THEIR OUTFITS. we do this once a month! WE USE TO CHOOSE CELEBRITIES, BUT WE'VE CHOSEN TO SWITCH OVER TO BLOGGERS. WE DECIDED TO DO THIS BECAUSE MOST CELEBS HAVE STYLISTS THAT CHOOSE OUTFITS FOR THEM, BUT BLOGGERS SHARE THEIR PERSONAL taste. so, welcome to studiozeny's brand new version of style stalker! we hope you enjoy it!

Now that you're fully aware of what Style Stalker is, it's time we reveal out Style Stalker of the month! 


Bella is based in the UK, which means she's half way across the world from us. It's currently Autumn where she's living and even though Summer is just around the corner for us, we low key want Autumn back  ASAP so we can dress ourselves just like Bella does! We'd say Bella's style is pretty minimalistic. (Our fave :p )  Each of the pieces she wears are usually quite simple but she ties them in together so well. Take a look for yourself! 

Sometimes you just need a pop of red #liketkit

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Definitely a coat kinda day #casualfriday

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Arabella isn't just a blogger on Instagram. She has her own website and YouTube channel as well. We highly recommend you check them out as she honestly shares great tips and advice on fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle!  
We know she's going places!

Want to see more Arabella Wright? Here are her platforms!

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