everyone has a story

and this is ours

StudioZENY was founded in April of 2017 by Hala Khallouf. Prior to that, Hala began her online journey in 2015 when she launched Zeny Online Magazine. Z.O.M was an online magazine where creatives from all over the spectrum could submit their work to be published and be seen by the world. Despite it's fast growing success, it all became to much to handle for a young girl working alone like Hala. 

"Zeny Online Magazine was really where it all started. It was humbling to know that I created a space where everyone was equal and could show off their creative skills. I initially started Z.O.M with the intentions of it becoming a place where absolutely anyone could showcase their work. I didn't want anyone else to struggle publishing their work like I did when it came to my photography work. Zeny Online Magazine was amazing, and I don't regret shutting it down at all, I learned from those experiences and took those lessons to help make StudioZENY what it has become today."  - Hala Khallouf.

Two years later, after lots of anticipation, Hala decided to launch Zeny again, with the support of her family and friends. Although, this time she had the help of two of her closest friends and she wanted to go ahead with things a little differently. Khallouf decided she wanted to combine her love and passion for photography, beauty, fashion and lifestyle together. This is how StudioZENY was born. 

StudioZENY is a team of three very diverse women who all share the same values. Together they are a dream team of creatives who have helped shape Zeny into one of the fastest growing blogs in Australia today. After only half a year of hard work and dedication, StudioZENY has over eight thousand followers on social media and has paired up with multiple globally renowned brands and labels. 

"We're proud to say this this is only the beginning. We cannot wait to show everyone everything that we have been working on for so long! We'd like to thank the brands that believed in us and most importantly all of our loyal followers, for we would be nothing without you all."  - StudioZENY